Much more than a new technique

In the middle of nature, using traditional methods, with all the guarantees

The recipe

Raised with love and care, as always

Free to fly quails

Free to fly system that allows a wide movement to the quail and the possibility of flying inside the enclosure.

``Sandy`` recreation area greater than 50% of the total available space

The quails have a sandpit where they can enjoy a behavior similar to their natural habitat.

Relaxing and privacy area for laying

The quails have a darker area where they can relax and rest, which favors laying eggs without stress.

Natural light and ventilation system

Light and natural ventilation during the sun hours to reproduce the genuine environment of the quail.


Food free of genetically modified organisms and free of pesticides.

Low Density

Unlike the quail in cage, the Free to Fly quails have a larger space per animal, in order to recreate their natural habitat.

Guarantees and certifications

Maximum levels of guarantee, quality, control and traceability

European Quail Standard
“Free to Fly”


Audited by NSF International

Why is the Free to Fly standard created?

Free to Fly was born with the aim of creating a standard for the quail, which meets the requirements of animal welfare.

The Free to Fly system is similar to the breeding system of free range hens.

It is a novel way of breeding in Europe because of the complexity of finding the balance between animal welfare and its breeding in freedom being the quail a flying bird.

This is Free to Fly

The Free to Fly quail are bred and live in an environment where they recreate their natural habitat to the maximum so that they can lead a life in freedom and without stress.

OGM Free
Relaxing and privacy
area for laying
Natural roaming
for pawing, flying and sand bathing